Ready To Go Software

After an extensive research and study about the requirements and needs for Realtors, we developed a custom made engine to manage the websites and records of each/group real estate agents. The advanced i Realty Expert engine will help the realtor to get the maximum benefits from their websites.

Core benefits:-

  • A cloud platform to manage multiple web-portals under single portal system.
  • A portal that is competent to manage the contents, manage the expiry, publishing period, and scope of sharing etc.
  • A portal that also integrate with social media sharing to engage the visitors to be our spokesperson.
  • Help the associates to manage and enter their own property listing with price, facilities and location of the listing.


  • A central control panel to manage the associated websites and distribute the content.
  • Mobile application for the visitors and associated to list and manage their listing, upload photos, videos and other contents.
  • Cloud based data storage system


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