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In current business scenario, every business brokers need to simplify the functionalities in insurance sector to access quick and maximum information about existing and prospective at a click of mouse. IBMS has been specially designed to meet the requirements of insurance brokers. Insurance Broking Management System is highly customizable providing the users features such as having customized templates of various insurances and it handles the existing and prospective clients, policies sold, insured, premium, brokerage and renewals. It’s multi user RDMS based software considerably more efficient and cost effective for insurance brokers. IBMS is designed in a special architecture which differentiates this software from other products. It can be highly customizable to accommodate the special needs of the client or the changes in organization structure.


  • Complete policy administration including Renewal, cancellation, Endorsement, Declaration and claim.
  • Fully automated claim management and settlement services.
  • Template based System design gives the 360 degree flexibility in designing customized documents and reports
  • Integrated features such as lead management and customer relationship management.


  • HR and Payroll integration with IBMS helps simplify the organizations overall activities.
  • Documents such as datasheet, broking slip, placing slip, policy note and comparison chart are designed in template format, so that the user can customize the documents as per their business needs.
  • Alerts and reminders for follow up of claim.
  • Flexible hierarchical structure.


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