Ready To Go Software

A comprehensive BI tool that helps business organizations to facilitate the following

For Customers

  • Know about the company
  • Products and Services: Get alerts on new product launch, photos or videos and events. (An extended and dynamic usage of notice board ) . the area what we need to improve is about the notification service
  • Communicate :Send and receive messages to the organization. The admin must have provisions to categorize, group users and allot and permit such user listed in the message box upon his wish.
  • Lodge a complaint or shoot a suggestion. ‘Complaint BOX’. This must be send to the admin / allocated user (users/user type who is allocated by admin from the control panel to receive complaints) as a message and also get an automated reply with a reference code (this can be company ID + message ID ) this reference code shall be also send to the admin users who receive the complaint.
  • Downloads like brochures, product write-up, or any files, website URL etc. (User the term Quick Link instead of plans and homeworks).
  • Locate service centers, branches etc. (in case there is only one listing in this module , we need to bie-pass the listing page and route directly to the inner page. (Under Locate Us)
  • Quick Call to get quick support. (Under communicate)
  • Most important use our new notification box under discussion. The notification box must have a thumbnail + text area as shown below. This box can have a close button / swipe and clear option for getting a dynamic effect.


For Employees

  • Exchange documents (message box)
  • Cloud-file sharing.(message box)
  • Load leads and record schedules and appointments (good if they can trigger the API /service file of our CRM with auto login into that particular page) (Not in phase 1)
  • Internal messaging (message box)
  • E-brochure for demonstration and references. (triggering url from digital resources) list under Quick Link.
  • Get any reports that is relating to his organization. (Not in phase 1)
  • View customer records. (list under Quick Link)
  • **All the features that is available in the customer area.
  • Notifications and reminders. Reminder from the calendar based on its due. Next 2 entries of the calendar (i.e if it is 1st of October next two entries from today ) can be posted in the notification box (as last listing , i.e down to all priority notifications)Admin /Control Panel features.
  • Create and manage users, category and groups.
  • Allocate message and other permissions.
  • Manage all our control panel features.
  • Post calendar entry from front end to get it alerted to all users.



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