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We are proud to announce that Business Improvement Area’s (BIA’s) have a new and significant means to advance and simplify their day to day functions. After extensive research and study about the requirements and needs for BIA daily functions, we have developed and successfully implemented our new CRM for BIA (CRM4BIA) in various BIA’s. Until now BIA’s were limited to using common CRM software for their day to day operations. Due to the functional differences from other common business CRM’s, BIA’s faced numerous functional issues and difficulties. With the advantage of CRM4BIA you can now move to a new unique and dedicated product which was built specifically for your BIA’s day to day functions. Our stress free software, complimentary support and free migration of your existing data are all included. Our 100% Cloud based system will give you stability and accessibility from anywhere with no worries about data loss, viruses, or any other service interruptions.

Key benefits: We are the only one of our kind, we provide customer assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cloud based: Our CRM is 100% cloud based with advanced security features. No worries about any data loss, virus or other attacks. Accessible from any device at any time.

Integration: Integrate with your existing software, Website, calendar, Outlook or any other application

Free migration :Yes, we will migrate the existing data with new CRM and it is absolutely free

Synchronize :Synchronize with Accounting, HR and Payroll management process.

Easy to use :Fully customizable and easy direct access functions

Workflow : A system that will help to completely manage your BIA system with options like,

  • Enquiry & Follow-up.
  • Reminders and Escalations of active/inactive process.
  • E-mail based and/or SMS based follow-up and relation management.
  • A mobile based information sharing and Customer Management system to communicate with them freely and easily.
  • A document management system that will help to record and archive every piece of information of a customer.
  • A self-service system that will function for requests, approval and tracking of process and documents in the organization.
  • Minimizes administration costs.
  • Enables you to pinpoint underlying issues and take corrective action accordingly.
  • Reduces the potential for customer attraction.
  • Empowers your staff to provide exceptional service to the customers.
  • Boosts productivity and enables staff to accomplish more in their working day.
  • Maximizes customer communications and interactions through integrated social media channels, SMS and email.

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